Cabinet Doors

Customized Cabinet Doors

CP&W has been in business since 1999 and we have been making and repairing cabinet doors since the very beginning. Whether for residential or commercial use, we can create customized cabinet doors to fit your space, needs, and wants. One option is our MDF doors, made from one piece of wood. Constructing cabinet doors from a single piece of wood makes them more affordable and allows for a faster turnaround time.

A style we offer is our Shaker cabinet door, which is often referred to as the “farmhouse” look because of its simple design. With a simplistic edge, as well as a flat panel, the Shaker style has grown in popularity. Part of the attraction is it’s easier to clean because there are no crooks or crannies for dust or dirt to build up.

Mitered doors are another option for our MDF doors. Not lacking for design, our Mitered doors give a more sophisticated look to any kitchen; in fact, new homeowners often refer to this design as “fancy.”If you’re looking for a way to add a chic flair to your kitchen without spending your entire budget, our one-piece miter is the way to go. And not only do we provide different styles, but different wood species, too. Our poplar and knotty alder woods are popular choices, but we also have different kinds of oak, hickory, cypress, beech, cherry, and maple woods. You also get to decide if you want a raised panel or a flat panel. You even get to pick the specific style of both the inside frame edge and the outside frame edge. And after making selections from any number of woods and styles, we’ll be happy to give you a free quote.

We can even take your ideas and make them come to life on a computer screen for your review. After all, we want to do everything in our power to make sure things are designed exactly the way you want them.

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